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back to the 30s with Urshula

Urshula was a true embodiment of the free-spirited and daring women of the 1930s. Her luscious blonde locks cascaded down her shoulders, framing her striking features and adding a touch of glamour to her overall appearance. She was often seen donning a stunning red retro dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, exuding confidence and elegance. But what truly set Urshula apart from the rest was her love for adventure and thrill, which was evident in her choice of transportation - a sleek and powerful motorbike. In a time when women were expected to adhere to societal norms and stay within the confines of their gender roles, Urshula broke free from these limitations and embraced her love for speed and adrenaline. Riding her motorbike, with her hair flowing behind her and her red dress billowing in the wind, she was a sight to behold. Her carefree and rebellious attitude was a breath of fresh air in a society that often stifled women's desires and ambitions. Urshula was a symbol of empowerment and represented the changing attitudes of women in the 1930s. She was unapologetically herself, defying conventions and embracing her true self, and that is what made her truly unforgettable.

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Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans is the founder of the Bikes Babes Project, a community-based initiative that strives to encourage more women to take up cycling. The project provides a network of like-minded women cyclists who support each other in their cycling journeys, no matter what level they are at. Rachel has identified that many women are hesitant to take up cycling, due to lack of knowledge or confidence, or the fear of being judged or harassed. Through the Bikes Babes Project, she provides a safe and welcoming space for women to learn more about cycling, develop their skills and build confidence. Rachel also provides a range of activities including group rides, workshops, and social events to create a sense of community and belonging. The project has been a huge success, with many women joining the initiative, building relationships and sharing stories. Rachel’s ultimate goal is to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable for women of all ages and backgrounds.

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