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Nice babes bikes etc from Bravo Models Media - Prague

Cindy Dollar

Cindy Dollar is a female model who loves to shoot in latex clothing while riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. She loves the feeling of the wind in her hair and the roar of the engine as she rides. The combination of the Harley Davidson and the latex clothing creates an edgy, sexy look that she loves to showcase. Cindy enjoys the freedom that comes with feeling the power of the Harley as she cruises down the highway. She also loves the way the combination of the two items highlights her curves and gives her a more confident air. Cindy loves to share her passion for motorcycles and latex clothing with her fans and uses her platform to encourage others to embrace their own unique style.

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Nikky Sweet

Nikky Sweet is a beautiful brunette who loves to ride her beloved Harley Davidson motorbike. She loves the feeling of freedom that it gives her and the rush of the wind as she speeds along the open road. Her motorbike is her pride and joy and she takes great care of it, ensuring that it is always well maintained and serviced. She loves to take her motorbike out for a ride whenever she gets the chance, either alone or with friends. She loves to explore the countryside and take in the sights and sounds around her. Nikky also loves to take her bike out for a spin around town, showing off her impressive skills and her impressive machine. She is a great ambassador for Harley Davidson and she loves to promote the company whenever she can. She is proud to call herself a Harley Davidson owner and she will never forget the day she bought her first Harley.

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Hot shoot in garage Claudia Mac

Claudia Mac is a slender blonde model who had the chance to shoot in a Harley Davidson motorbike garage. She was full of excitement as she got to ride a few of the bikes and pose for the camera. She loved the thrill of the wind in her hair and the roar of the motorbike's engine. She had a blast posing for the shoot, and was able to showcase her beauty and grace while leaning against the bright, shiny bikes. She was also able to appreciate the craftsmanship of the bikes and the attention to detail that Harley Davidson puts into their motorcycles. It was an experience she will never forget, and one that she will always cherish.

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